Check out the links below to see some of my comedic writing featured on CBC Comedy.

  1. Woman begins homeschooling child to avoid small talk at morning drop
  2. Local man honoured in ceremony after buying woman drink and expecting nothing back
  3. Low-key bride’ posts 457 engagement shoot photos
  4. In honour of Canada’s 150th, Netflix Canada to block anything that’s not an ‘Anne of Green Gables’ adaptation
  5. Woman changes careers after learning sidewalk canvassers stationed outside office
  6. Exhausted Grade 1 teacher breaks record for most movies played during class in one-week period
  7. Local cohort of moms keep Yahoo afloat
  8. Couple forces new puppy into modelling career to recoup crippling pet expenses
  9. Hilarious man proudly yells out “condom factory” when asked for suggestion at improv show
  10. “Gift cards are so impersonal!” says mom who plans to recreate adult son’s birth in live action short film
  11. Woman achieves entire bucket list while waiting for friend to stop talking about herself on phone
  12. Toronto woman willing to break into dog park clique by any means necessary
  13. Toronto woman asked to watch stranger’s stuff at Starbucks still waiting for person to return 12 years later
  14. Local woman honoured to be named friend’s 38th bridesmaid
  15. Engaged couple looking to one-up friends takes “Save the Date” photos inside active volcano
  16. Man who’s started biking to work makes sure entire office knows
  17. Rejected Buzzfeed Quizzes
  18. A celebration of stereotypical, one-dimensional sitcom moms
  19. Pretentious couple says their baby’s name is “the feeling that washes over you when you hear poetry”
  20. Man’s parents misplace paper containing 45 digit wi-fi password
  21. Woman dresses up as men’s bag to earn seat on subway